2023 Illinois FTC Championship Tournament

February 24-25, 2023

The FIRST Tech Challenge Illinois Championship Tournament is an intense two-day event showcasing robots developed and operated by teams of high school students. The competing robots are the best robots from the FTC Qualifying Events held all around Illinois. The robots represent the product of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, and managing project deadlines. The mentor/student interaction is integral to the FTC program. It takes a lot of hard work to develop a competitive robot, and it shows when you see them in action at the Illinois Championship Tournament. 

In the competition, two alliances (red and blue) each composed of two robot teams play each other on fields that are 12' by 12' in size. Most of the day is spent on a series of Qualifying Rounds matches played between randomly generated alliance teams to determine the top four seeded individual teams. These top four individual teams will now select two other teams that they would like to join in forming an alliance for the Elimination Rounds matches. Late Saturday afternoon starts with the four alliances competing in the Semi-final Matches, then the Finals where two alliances will vie for the title of Winning Alliance!

Event Information


Parking will be available in the Red Lot (Lots J, & H). This parking lot is open parking spaces to students, visitors, and staff. Specific parking areas are reserved for staff parking, accessible parking, motorcycles, or other uses. Please read the posted signs carefully. Parking overnight is prohibited.


  • Friday, February 24
    • 6:00pm - 9:00pm: Judging, Inspections 
  • Saturday, February 25th
    • 7:30am - 6:00pm: Qualifying, Elimination, Awards 

Event Results

Teams Advancing to State

18529Rust In Piece RoboticsSuburban Northeast LeagueInspire Award Winner
14614ElectroSuburban Northeast LeagueWinning Alliance Captain
10138Newton BustersSuburban Northeast LeagueInspire Award 2nd place
18523VertigoSuburban Northeast LeagueInspire Award 3rd place
10415WarbotsSuburban Northeast LeagueWinning Alliance 2nd Team selected
10101Binary BulletsPeoria WesternInspire Award Winner
15005TechnophobiaPeoria WesternWinning Alliance Captain
16244The TrailBlazersPeoria WesternInspire Award 2nd place
14469HOWPeoria WesternWinning Alliance 1st pick
16277TekonPeoria WesternInspire Award 3rd place
18255Stealth RoboticsSuburban Northwest LeagueInspire Award Winner
5037got robot?Suburban Northwest LeagueInspire Award 2nd place
6200Despicable MachineSuburban Northwest LeagueInspire Award 3rd place
7715Robotic LionsSuburban Northwest LeagueWinning Alliance 2nd pick
6198Bread AdmirersSuburban Northwest LeagueThink Award Winner
18183Rounded CubeSuburban South LeagueInspire Award Winner
9929TNT (Tech Ninja Team)Suburban South LeagueWinning Alliance Captain
17576TITANS (Tomorrow's Innovators and Thinkers Acquiring New Skills).Suburban South LeagueInspire Award 2nd place
19168TOTUS 1 TUUSSuburban South LeagueWinning Alliance 1st pick
12868IroncladSuburban South LeagueInspire Award 3rd place
10836STEMper FiSuburban South LeagueWinning Alliance 2nd pick
10635Unknown ElementSuburban South LeagueThink Award Winner
17403LP RoarboticsChicago Metro Tournament AInspire Award Winner
20674Ogden VarsityChicago Metro Tournament AWinning Alliance Captain
15282Bobcats Robotics VarsityChicago Metro Tournament AInspire Award 2nd place
14401Wildcat RoboticsChicago Metro Tournament AInspire Award 3rd place
14360Sprockets & ScrewsChicago Metro Tournament AFinalist Alliance Captain
3216RobophinsChicago Metro Tournament BInspire Award Winner
3507RobotheosisChicago Metro Tournament BWinning Alliance Captain
9410Frank's GarageChicago Metro Tournament BWinning Alliance 1st pick
13699RoboGrizzliesChicago Metro Tournament BInspire Award 3rd place
7006RoboTitansChicago Metro Tournament BConnect Award Winner
7129Robo RaidersCentral SouthernInspire Award Winner
8620Wormgear WarriorsCentral SouthernWinning Alliance Captain
14204Super Scream BrosCentral SouthernInspire Award 2nd place
13365GearheadsCentral SouthernWinning Alliance 1st pick
19938Knights of the Ping Pong TableCentral SouthernWinning Alliance 2nd pick
10091N.Y.A.N. Robotics - Not Your Average NerdsSuburban Northeast LeagueFinalist Alliance Captain