Rich in Tradition and Continued Growth

The FIRST FRC program reaches more than 54,000 high-school students who participate on over 3,100 teams competing in 105 regional competitions and district events.  Not only can FIRST FRC teams be found in almost every U.S. State, they can also be found world-wide, originating from such countries as Canada, Australia, Mexico, Israel, and Turkey.

FRC in Illinois has a rich history and tradition. The first local team was formed 20 years ago, while two teams have just celebrated their 17th year, and an additional three have passed the 10-year mark.  One of our teams holds the FIRST FRC record of being a 4-time World Champion, one was recently honored at the White House Science Fair, several have participated in the Museum of Science and Industry’s National Robotics Week, and many have been featured on newscasts and in the newspapers.  Additionally, every spring Chicago’s UIC Pavilion is home to the Midwest Regional Competition, an international intense three-day event that has become one of the most competitive Regionals in the country.

The FRC program in Illinois is continually growing.  In 2012, the program experienced close to a 25% increase in the number of FRC teams, bringing the total number of teams to sixty-one.