League Event Summary

The information on this page is for informational purposes.  The official event information and team assignments are managed through a cloud-based system.

Chicago Metro Rankings

League Tournament A - 2/4 Leo  Rankings

League Tournament B - 2/11 Francis Parker  Rankings


Chicago Suburban South 

Fox Valley South Rankings

South Suburbs  Rankings

League Tournament - 2/4 Batavia Rankings


Chicago Suburban Northeast 

North Shore Rankings

Northeast Lake  Rankings

League Tournament - 1/28 Lake Forest  Rankings  


Chicago Suburban Northwest 

Fox Valley North  Rankings

Rockford  Rankings

League Tournament - 2/4 Rockford Rankings        


Central / Southern 

Central Rankings

Southern Rankings

League Tournament - 2/11 Maryville Rankings        


Peoria Western 

Peoria Rankings

Western Rankings

League Tournament - 2/4 Peoria  Rankings