More than Robots – FRC Inspires Students to Achieve and Lead

FIRST works closely with research and academic organizations to provide tangible evidence of the impact its programs have upon a student’s education and career choices. The results of a study conducted by Brandeis University found that the FRC program has a number of positive impacts upon its participating students. 

FRC students are much more likely to make a successful transition to college, to pursue their interests in science and technology and to become involved in their communities. FRC provides a positive experience to these students by giving them opportunities to be involved in a challenging team activity, build relationships, learn new skills, increase understanding of the value of teamwork, increase interest in serving others, and gain a new understanding of and interest in science and technology. High percentages indicated that FRC gives students “real responsibilities,” a chance to play a leadership role, a feeling of “really belonging,” increased self-confidence, the motivation to do well in school, and how to apply academic skills in real-world settings. A large majority reported that FRC had helped them gain communications, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, which are considered essential to positive youth development.